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LONDON: Imagine working in an office all day long after you enter into the kitchen in the house and you get the hot dish, which looks as if it Tasty tasting so on a five-star hotel to be cooked by the chef. If you liked this idea and you want that to be the case, then your wish is to be completed soon.

2000 robot maker Dish

On September 16, the world’s first robot in a British lab kitchen is going to be inaugurated, including 20 motors, 24 joint (joints) and 129 are sensors, which allows the robotic movements, including kitchen below it, and the man’s hands around kitchen robot 2000 could make the dish.

The kitchens are equipped with two robotic arms

The art in the kitchen oven, hob, dishwasher and two robotic arms are fitted. Robotics kitchen dish of your choice buyers can choose from a list of thousands Rasepijh, just as an app for smartphones with Android Play Store is selected.

Kitchen will own dish

The kitchen itself fresh and nutritious food for your customers will. The robotic kitchen, especially the elderly and none quite beneficial for people facing physical challenges will continue. Mole made by robotic systems integrated into the kitchen facilities is a perfect robot, like a chef cook food is absolutely efficiently.

Robotics is perfectly at home in the kitchen cooking

Interestingly, with the help of the robotic system does not like food cooked meal prepared by the machine, but also the efficiency of the hands of man is reflected in the taste of food.

Rasepi will be able to download

18 years of his life in the kitchen putting the Research and Development scientists say that it will be available in two years Robotics kitchen. If you make a dish, such as his Rasepi iTune download from a library equipped kitchen is at the Robotics.

The movement made by the robotic algorithms chefs kitchen

Tim Anderson played an important role in robotic kitchen project. He has a Culinary Innovator and in 2011 became the winner of the prestigious BBC Master Chef competition. The system in the process of preparing dishes while Tim prepared a kind of 3-D video recording in the studio said. Cooking dish, his every move was recorded and Moley, Universities of Stanford and SSSUP Pisa (Italy) team together based on their movement made algorithms. Dish Cooking robot works on the basis of these algorithms

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