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Uber is Hiring Ex-Servicemen : Signs Deal with Indian Army

Uber is Hiring Ex-Servicemen

Report9 : Dedicating one’s life to serve the nation is a big step,a step that involves training hard, weathering adversity, leaving the family behind and risking life.

After years of living the army life, transitioning to civilian life post retirement can be challenging.As we understand that ex-servicemen are some of our nation’s most talented and skilled leaders.

So thiking this Uber has decided to hire ex-servicemen after their retirement and as the part of this initiative we have launched Uber Fauji.

We are excited to launch Uber FAUJI for which we have partnered with Army Welfare Placement Organization to introduce ex-servicemen to Uber and empower them as entrepreneurs and small business owners,says Uber Officials.

Several hundred ex-servicemen already drive on the Uber platform in India and are serving the people of their cities everyday.

From ex-servicemen looking for flexible part-time work while they look for a job, to the ones looking for a full-time opportunity, Uber is the perfect fit.

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