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Surrogacy Becomes A Commercial Activity in India : Women Commission Chairman

Report 9 : Globalization of birth markets is a huge Business according to State Women Commission Andhra & Telangana.

Technologies of assisted reproduction, and the surrogacy arrangements that they enable, have been the subject of much attention of late.

India’s surrogacy industry is vilified by women’s rights groups who say fertility clinics are nothing more than “baby factories” for the rich.

In the absence of regulation, they say many poor and uneducated women are lured by agents, hired by clinics, into signing contracts they do not fully understand.

“In most of these cases, the surrogate mothers are being exploited,No one cares for a Surrogate mother after delivery” said Dr.Dr.Tripurana Venkatratnam,Chairperson,State Women Commission,Telangana & Andhra Pradesh .

Legislation should be there for Surrogacy in our country so that no one will misuse this practice. Don’t consider women’s womb as a commodity,she added.

She further added,The various concerns raised against this practice because of efficacy of legislation in regulating the practice.

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