Patel now for the sake of ‘reverse’ Dandi march hearty


Patel Patel warm phase now leader of the movement to intensify the movement this week from Ahmedabad to Dandi ‘reverse’ Dandi march would hold.

Dandi march by Mahatma Gandhi in 1930 the country was an important part of the freedom movement.To warm up your movement will be selected to move to another location to send messages between the various parties is seen as a clever strategy.

Patidars Anamt movement core committee member of the committee, said Dinesh Patel, Mahatma Gandhi from Sabarmati in Ahmedabad to Dandi in south Gujarat had marched in. The 350 km long route traveled Anamt Patidars we will go on. ”

Patel Other Backward Classes (OBC) category for reservation emphasis on the second phase of the movement for the sake of the city were with Dinesh hearty Tuesday.

Dinesh “The march will be held on the same road on which was the Dandi March. Our March will be in the opposite direction. From Ahmedabad to Dandi return, we’ll begin your march to Dandi and reach Ahmedabad. ” He expected to be held five or six September.

Hearty and other leaders of the committee leaders, local Patel, student groups and Patel held a meeting with businessmen.

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