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Misuse of social media in Dadri


Apart from focus of DadriLynching on the tragic communal killing in the Bishada village, a place 45 kilometers away from Delhi, the hashtags and video clips of social media was also the reason which led to neighbours of decades turn hostile within hours in the Noida village.

DM NP Singh of Gautam Budh nagar said, “Villagers lynched Mohd Ikhlaq after an announcement was reportedly made from a temple loudspeaker about suspected cow killing in the village. But, the social media had vitiated the atmosphere in the area much earlier.”
Soon after the killing on the night of September 28, the social networking sites like were on fire spreading inflammatory photographs, several stories and multiple versions of the story that took place that night to stoke passions. Action was taken against a twitter account by the administration and a FIR was registered against it in Noida, Gautam Budh Nagar, to stop the mischief-makers.

“A case has been registered against a twitter account for spreading rumors and sensitive information. The pictures and posts uploaded by it were inflammatory. It has been blocked now,” said Singh. Affter the FIR was registered; a new tweet was poted on the account saying bail can be managed easily in such cases.

A FIR was also registered in Saharanpur against a woman who posted pictures and false stories about a sub inspector being killed by cattle smugglers. The FIR against the woman was registered under Section 505 (1) of the IPC.

With regard to all such rumor-mongering and communally sensitive talk on social media, the Akhilesh Yadav government issued a warning on Sunday. According to Yadav orders have been issued to take immediate actions against those misusing social media to spread hatred. A whatsapp number, 9454401002, has been issued by the state government appealing people to post any controversial material on it.

The government is going through an exercise to advertise this number and also sensitise people to use social media judiciously and not believe false reports and morphed pictures targeted at creating communal tension.

Akhilesh Yadav told ET on Saturday, “Many such incidents are happening due to social media misuse. Social media is powerful and should be used constructively. We should use our minds. One should be able to differentiate from good social media and bad social media,”

Riots of Muzaffarnagar in 2013 were also triggered by doctored videos being spread on social media, which later turned out to be a video of two youths being killed in the gulf countries. But in the mean time, more than 62 people had been killed and thousands rendered homeless. The state government has also set up a social media cell to monitor online content and social media for identifying such trouble-makers.

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