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Leonid Meteor Shower this November


Report9 : These days,if one is lucky if you can see a meteor from the Leonid Meteor Shower.The Leonids will peak on November 17 and November 18,2015.

The Leonid meteor shower is annually active in the month of November and usually peaks around November 16 or 17. This shower will be around 12 meteors per hour on an average.

The shower is called Leonids because its radiant or the point in the sky where the meteors seem to emerge from, lies in the constellation Leo.

According to the research of G.P Birla Observatory and Research Centre,They can be seen around midnight and these networks are remnants of the Comet 55 P Temple Tuttle.

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Leonid’s occur when Earth annualy passes through this debris region in space,as it ornits the enormous speed of something like 75 Kilometers per second and that’s what get them burnt up in the atmosphere leaving the trail of the meteor.

The best time to view the Leonids is just after midnight and right before dawn. In 2015, scientists believe that observers in Asia and Middle East will have the best chance of viewing the meteor shower after midnight on November 17.

Those in North and South America, Europe and Africa are expected to have a better view of the Leonids on the night of November 18.

A waxing crescent moon means that the sky will be dark enough to easily view the shower.Astronomers suggest that observers try their luck after midnight.

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