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KCR is a Casino Gambler: Former Union Minister Jaipal Reddy


Former Union Minister S Jaipal Reddy for the first  in an press conference spoke about Telangana Cheif Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and accused him for resorting to political gambling

For Jaipal Reddy,State politics is too local,but for a change he commented on TRS government and its governance.

He said,their is one word in English,which very well suits KCR that he is running Casino Politics-the politics of Gambling.

Casino politics involve high stakes.He wants to transform India and its democracy into Los Vegas. In this casino politics, you claim everything your own simply because you are the winner of stake,” he added.

He also said,that KCR is only CM in our country who made promises which are 99% impossible and broke them all.

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KCR is known for his arrogance and the Warangal by-election will be the result of his arrogance, he averred and added that there is a need to teach him a lesson.

Telangana CM KCR had broken all his poll promises which include 3 acres of land for each dalit family, two-bed room house, loan waiver, KG to PG free education etc etc.

TRS government should be defeated in Warangal election and this defeat should be a great lesson to Telangana CM KCR,Jaipal Reddy urged this to Warangal Voters to defeat KCR.

KCR is applying casino politics to democracy. Since he won the election and formed the government, he thinks, he has the liberty to do whatever he likes,” Jaipal Reddy said.

He further added,that Warangal election is a straight fight between Congress and TRS.

The former union minister said the defeat of TRS would be a referendum on his government and his programs.

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