Diversity is India’s Beauty and Unity our mantra PM Modi

‘Harmony & Peace: Key To Progress’

As the “Peace calls” go viral on twitter and other social-networking websites,

Narendra Modi has broken the ice of silence on Sunday and called upon the citizens to

respect and celebrate India’s diversity, and said “peace, harmony, and unity” were the

key to progress.

During the Mann Ki Baat session, Modi said “India is full of diversity. It has different

sects, religions, languages and castes. This diversity is our beauty. Let us pay tribute to

Sardar Vallabhai Patel Sahab. Take the “unity” mantra forward.”

Eliciting how the country had been perceiving Patel’s birth anniversary (on October

31) by organising the `Run for Unity’ for many years, the PM said it is “in other words

…the guarantee for run for progress“. If this diversity was not there, “we would not have

been able to feel proud… Diversity is the mantra of unity ,“ he said. Modi supports that

diversity is the solution for “unity” addressing the recent communal tensions in many

parts of country over beef ban and, lately, religious processions.

This is the second time that Modi proposed the idea of communal harmony amidst the

surcharged atmosphere where he is expected for his silence on the mob killing in Dadri

over rumours of beef consumption.

During the rally in Nawada in Bihar on October 8, Modi delivered an even stronger

message. He had said, “In a democracy , everyone has the right to speak their mind. But

Hindus must decide whether they want to fight Muslims or poverty. Muslims must decide

whether they want to fight Hindus or poverty.”

In the same rally PM Narendra Modi brought up our President Pranab Mukherjee’s

statement which was about the core values of diversity. “The Rashtrapati has shown us

the way, there is no bigger inspiration than him. Let us follow his path,” Modi had said.

Further conversing on Mann Ki Baat, Modi said “A day after Diwali, I am going to

Britain. In London, I will formally inaugurate the house where Babasaheb Ambedkar

lived, which recently became the Indian govt’s property and a place of inspiration for 125

crore Indians.”

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