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Get a stylish look with the makeup base


In an era of fashion today is to look stylish for which many people use to buy Kitnen types of beauty products which she appeared all different and all of those Glance tick, but you make a mistake you ashamed is expected. Dress up with our four-Moon also properly switching takes. We think that we are keeping proper care of your face, but it is not there. Chehren stains, spots, oily zone, pigmentation, acne and acne scars should give attention to these. For this you should know that it’s a perfect base for make-up should be Dhik, because that gives you a perfect look. Learn how stylish look you might find with a perfect base.

The primer
you have not used your face primer in the use of Foundsn not at all, because the primer would work to smooth your face all the lines and in its place until Lmben Foundation intently. If your skin is oily, so that the primer must put in place, because the initiatives of the foundation is poured. Primr Lganen 5 minutes later leveled the foundation so that the primer Addi to soak into the skin.

Concealer is the work of the stained-Dbben give out your Chehren. If it is not managed properly use your stylish side may have to look. Keep in mind that this time it Lgaten Foundation as it had not in the Chehren. It Muhasen you, you can hide the spots that you can blend with your fingertips or a brush. If you face any kind of stains or spots, if not, do not use it.

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