Soon, no Interviews for Low-Rank Govt Jobs

Government jobs Report9

Report9 : Marching forward with PM Narendra Modi’s I-Day promise, the department of personnel and training is picking out posts in the government where it can do away with the requirement for an interview.

According to the sources, the government is planning to implement the move at the earliest and a start is expected to be made with Group `D’ posts, though the plan is to stretch the policy to Group `C’ and `B’ posts as well. The scheme is to reduce discretion and scope for corruption in government jobs and the need for an interview in some of the hiring can easily be done away with.

In addition, the move is expected to hasten the process of recruitment. Still, the government is interested that a fool-proof system is evolved, which is not subject to misuse in the future.

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Modi, In his I-Day speech, had asked all government departments to end the practice of interviews at the earliest and encourage merit by recruiting only through a transparent online process.”We should end this… Interview can be held for jobs where personality or appearance is important,” he had said.

Since taking over last year, the government is trying to streamline processes to simplify them and make them more transparent.