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After designing all the possible wacky cars in the world Sudhakar decided to go big

Report9 : After designing cars shaped like a hamburger, tennis ball, shoe, handbag and a toilet, quirky Indian artist Sudhakar Yadav decided to go big.

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After spending three years on it,the result is an eight-meter (26-foot) high car modeled on the 1922 Ford Tourer, which has gone on display at Yadav’s museum in Hyderabad.

K.Sudhakar Yadav Guinness World record holder for the “The largest Tricycle” in the World,known for his wacky cars creations,is attempting another Guinness World Record with his new creation ” The Largest Stationary Art Car Model” in the World.

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Having a monumental presence at the Sudha cars museum,The Mammoth Stationary Art Car standing is all set for the Guinness attempt.

Specially designed and made for Children,this huge Art Car Model is made of Mild Steel Aluminum. This pearl White Car with handmade metal wheels of Diameter 9ft,stands 26’ft tall, 50 ft long and 19 ft wide.

Fully air conditioned,the car has two floors and a terrace with the carrier serving as a railing.The bonnet houses the Formula 1 car with the backdrop of racing track,the ground floor interior wall has a 3 dimensional vintage car,and a European House.

There is a Giant Chess board with chessmen hanging upside down from the roof and Mini hot Air balloons floating in the air and a staircase leading to the terrace.The Chessmen are intricately designed using kitchen utensils.

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