Santosh Thallam

Santosh ThallamSantosh Thallam is the Chief Editor and Founder of Report9 Media. He is very passionate about writing the truth behind lies and If there is a new buzz in the market, he can very quickly cover it and write about it on the website. His interest areas vary from business to communication and networking, and he likes to create teams. He is very active over social media, especially Facebook and twitter which help him stay updated with the latest happenings of the world. In short he is enthusiastic and provides lots of energy in the whole team. His expertise talks for him and he is surely an asset to any teams whatsoever. His passion, dedication and quick decision making ability make him stand apart from others.

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Vinay G

vinayGaddam Vinay Kumar is the senior Content Writer at Report9. He mostly writes at Entertainment, technology, trending news and education.

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sri sravanSravan is an author a very enthusiastic journalist and has worked for many esteemed online magazines He is a great combo of intelligence and passion, which adheres in his write-ups done for the website. He specialists in education niche and covers a wide range of admission details, exam results, top universities reviews etc.

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K. S. Rehan

ksHello everyone! I’m K. S. Rehan, a geek in writing and finds sarcasm in news. Former content developer at a news channel and a full time digital marketer now. Welcome to my profile in Report 9.

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